Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Joys of Nebraska Travel

Traveling around the state of Nebraska you often see unique sites like the cowboy singers and dancers that greeted us at one of the stops during the tour. There was also a good old fashioned band that played. The pool hall wasn't real, but it made for a nice picture, and of course Nickie had to pose in front of the daiseys. I think the best car picture was when we parked next to this 40 Ford with Chrome wheels and 'baby moons'.

Tour Nebraska 2011

Again this year Nickie and I went on the Tour Nebraska with the Nebraska Rod and Custom Assn. It was agood time. We metwith some friendsin North Platte where the tour orrigionatedfor dinner on Friday night. We also met up with our good friends Mark and Kendal Tonjes who own a cool yellow Firebird, and also go on the tour every year. Since we traveled over 800 miles we had a lot of "windshield time". Nebraska is a beautiful, clean state to tour though. At one of our stops we got a chance to see the kids doing Derby Races. It is a very precise sport. We of course took the 33 and enjoyed the trip.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

5th Anniversary Berean Car Show 2011

I have been heading up the Berean Church Car Show for the last 5 years. This year it went really well. We had probably the worse weather, and the highest turnout. We had more than 125 cars registered. We had 3 live bands, 66 trophies, and probably 50 door prizes. I would guess that more than 1000 people came to see the cars. It was my job to announce the trophies and introduce the bands. After the LONG day of work, Sandie, Tobin, Matt, Josh and Nicki & I gathered fro a little 'debriefing' with pizza. My little 'China Choppa' won first place for 'custom' motorcycles.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

No Pictures With This One

This has been one of the most memorable weeks of my life. I was stretched in ways that made me grow. I prayed and God answered. The training may not have been a "complete success", but it also wasn't a "complete failure". When I finished the training I gave the speech below in Swahili!

God Bless All
Until a few months back I never thought I would come to Africa.
When I found the opportunity I was excited and a little bit afraid.
I am very happy that I came.
Since I do not speak Swahili, the teaching has been difficult for me and for you.
I felt like a failure on Thurseday.
Friday was only a little better.
I hope I have shown improvement today.
You all have been very patient and kind.
While I failed to communicate well, you continued to encourage me.
Thank you!
This three days have been a real test of "Failing Forward" for me.
I have grown from the experience and will always remember and cherish my memories of Morogoro.
If it is God's will and I have the opportunity, I will return again.
Thank you and God Bless You All!!

Interesting, Godly, and Loving People

The lady with the very colorful dress was quite a dancer. She danced and made loud "yodeling type" sounds when she worshipped. Later today when we were getting ready to leave she had a young man tell me that she wanted to give me her 7 year old son so that I could take him to the USA and raise him!!! It blew my mind, but of course I had him tell her that it was not possible.
The other lady that I took a picture with is the one that defended my principle of winners quiting.
The gentleman that I am shaking hands with is a pastor, and told me that he really identified with my storey about being in jail because he had spent 5 yrs. in a Tanzanian jail. I bought a book from him to read on the way home. I'm sure that he will be emailing me.
My host team from Voice of Hope Ministries. From left to right. Jackson, 37 yrs old with a wife and 2 children, he is the main event coordinator and eqpt.specialist. Harun, 26 yrs old and single is the driver and keeper of the keys. Amos, 25 yrs old and single is the financial controller, and the keeper of the money. He also did a good job interpreting and keeping me company. We went out to lunch as a celebration before we started the long ride back to Dar es Salaam. I think I bought them one of the best meals they've had in weeks, maybe months. They let me try 'Ugali' too.

Saturday Day 3 - Grand Finale

This morning I had a nice b-fast of soup, fruit, juice, and tea at the 'Sofia'. Then off to class I went. I had studied more, and learned a few words in Swahili, and prepared a special little surprise for my friends. The day got off to a great start with praise and worship that involved 'train dancing' around the room. It was pandamonium! haha
During the Q&A time there was a spirited debate about a principle that I proclaimed, and a lady came to the defence of the issue. (Essentially I pointed out that the axiom that "winners never quit, and quiters never win" is not always true.) I stated that winners always quit doing things that don't support their mission. I could not effectively debate the point through an interpreter though. Hence, this kind lady told the guy that was questioning the issue to chill! haha
At the end of the day they took a love offering for VHM by letting people come up and drop their money into the box.
Gabriel introduced me to his wife and we took a shot.

Sites around the Assembly of God Church

Here are some of the students that wanted a picture with me. A typical motorbike that a lot of people ride here. In fact, this is the only kind of bike I have seen so far. The pastor of the church has a house right in back. The bigger one (with the big tire in the yard) is the neighbor accross the street. Of course the local cow was grazing in the front yard of the church. We didn't seem to bother him at all.